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Clear-Com Gets FCC Approval for Wireless Intercom

The FCC has approved Clear-Com's request to operate its CellCom10 wireless intercom system in the 1920MHz to 1930MHz band.

According to the company, CellCom 10 is the world's first wireless system to include local route programming, cross-point level control, assignment of IFBs, groups and full non-blocking mixing facilities. The CellCom 10 beltpack delivers a wireless version of a traditional wired intercom control panel for communications including point-to-point and party line without multiple frequencies or manual selection. The system offers 7kHz audio, full-duplex operation and low-power microwave technology. It uses a cellular network of active antennas around the production environment that are connected directly to the base-station or matrix using standard CAT5 cable and does not require special RF cabling.

Clear-Com began delivery of CellCom 10 units to customers late last month.