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Blu-ray player sales to reach 5 million in 2008

Blu-ray may have won its battle with HD-DVD as the high-definition DVD format of the future, but don’t expect to see Blu-ray player sales to reach the level of standard DVD players any time soon, according to new research from In-Stat.

According to the high-tech research firm, high prices are holding back the ascendency of the format even while DVD players have reached the saturation level in some markets and are expected to decline.

The research, “Worldwide DVD and Blu-ray Market,” also found:

  • The market for Blu-ray players and recorders will reach 5 million in 2008 with solid growth continuing if prices decline.
  • Worldwide DVD player and recorder sales reached 142 million units in 2007.
  • North America, Europe, Japan and China have seen declines in their DVD player markets.
  • Developing countries in other parts of the world are the only bright spots in the standard DVD player market.

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