Blu-ray Backers Launch Multimedia Campaign

The Digital Entertainment Group, an industry trade consortium, began an ambitious campaign last week to encourage consumers to invest in Blu-ray Disc products in the upcoming holiday sales season.

The $25 million effort will be supported by DEG members across various industries, including one member with companies in two industries—Sony Pictures and CE product maker Sony. Other DEG members include Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., NBC Universal, Disney, Panasonic, and Lionsgate.

The $25 million campaign that began on Fox's NFL Sunday football telecasts on Nov. 2, is dubbed "Tru Blu" and focuses on the superior video and audio qualities (as well as interactive Internet options of BD Live) of Blu-ray. The various commercial spots are rolling out on several media platforms, notably broadcast and cable networks, major-market broadcast stations, online, and in theaters.

The campaign focuses primarily on the 25-44 age demo, and therefore favors some of that group's most popular shows such as "Grey's Anatomy," "House" and "The Office."

DEG estimates that about 8 million Blu-ray-equipped devices (a majority of them being Sony's PlayStation 3 game consoles) currently are in use in America—which represents about 7 percent of all U.S. TV homes.