Bloomberg to Light Conventions With Aladdin LEDs

LOS ANGELES—Aladdin will be shinning its lights on the upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions, as the company will provide more than 80 of its Bi-Flex LED lights to national cable news networks, including Bloomberg Television.

The Aladdin lights will be used primarily as fill lights in an off-site temporary studio and as key lights for small interview setups in the venues. Bloomberg’s full setup of lights includes six 200 W Bi-Flex4, six 100 W Bi-Flex2, and 10 50 W Bi-Flex 1 units. Jim Hirsch, COO of High Output, Inc., will serve as lighting director for Bloomberg.

The Bi-Flex lights use AC or battery power, offer adjustable color temperature from daylight to tungsten, and allow a variety of mounting options. Zylight is the North American distributor of Aladdin products.