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Bexel debuts 3G video production package

Bexel has created a video production package for live 3G and broadband program delivery.

Using the traditional workflow of a live television remote production, the 3G LIVE! broadcast production package is designed to create up to six video and audio platform-specific feeds. Unilateral cameras and graphics can also be accommodated if needed.

Designed for live events, the system is contained in a portable rack system that can be quickly transported to and from a location. Bexel said the broadband package costs about 25 percent of the base cost of a conventional live television truck.

An EVS LSM-XT hard disc recorder is used to provide up to six channels of content ingest. After ingest, the clips are transferred to an XFile Digital Archive Station and then rewrapped as QuickTime files.

From there, Apple’s Final Cut Pro Studio system is used to edit and finish content pieces without having to re-record or render the clips. Once the finished product is created in Final Cut Pro, it can then be sent to a client in any file format desired using software tools that are part of Final Cut Pro Studio or the Telestream Flip4Mac product.

The system converts finished content to any major file format for distribution to any broadband platform. Connection to a customer’s hosting facility can then be accomplished using any of the standard broadband services, including wireless, DSL or digital cable.

Bexel will offer the system beginning in January of 2006 and will provide support for all components of the package through its network of 10 U.S. branches and its staff of trained technicians. In addition, Bexel will also provide authorized Final Cut Pro training for long-term use technicians of the package.

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