Bexel and AGS Supply Gear and Services to Broadcasters at Winter Olympics

Video equipment dealer Bexel Corp. and audio gear rental company Audio Specialties Group worked behind the scenes at the Winter Olympics to provide equipment, engineering, operational and logistical support for audio and video facilities at the nine Olympic venues, including the International Broadcast Center. Their services were used for NBC Sports' domestic broadcast and International Sports Broadcasting's world feed broadcast.

Bexel set up a "command post" at the IBC to provide a central point of coordination for its two field shops at the ISB Warehouse and NBC Field Shop. The remote offices were used by 15 engineering and operations specialists, who transported, serviced and maintained equipment. The ASG Intercom Specialists group was responsible for the design and application of the production intercom systems used for the opening and closing ceremonies.

The companies provided an extensive amount of gear to NBC, ISB and other international broadcasters from Japan, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Bexel also provided eight HD camera systems for use in shooting Emmy Award-winning producer Bud Greenspan's Olympic documentary.