Belgian OB company installs Leader rasterizers in new HD truck

Outside Broadcast NV, one of Belgium’s largest mobile production companies, has ordered six Leader LV7700 multistandard SDI rasterizing test instruments for installation in its new OB 14 HD vehicle. OB 14 is the fleet's largest addition to date.

Outside Broadcast NV specializes in national and international broadcast services, including high-profile sporting events coverage. The company already has nine Leader LV7700 rasterizers across its fleet of 10 vehicles.

Each of the six shading desks in the control suite at the rear of OB 14 is equipped with an LV7700, enabling the crew to check individual component signal levels and color vectors to ensure that the output conforms fully to HD broadcast standards. The shaders can work faster and more accurately with the analytical information they derive from the LV7700, rather than relying entirely on a picture monitor for subjective color matching.

The LV7700 rasterizer is ideal for OB companies and post-production studios that need to accommodate maximum operational power in limited control-desk space. The output can be viewed as a rasterized image on whatever size and type of screen the client chooses — typically an LCD monitor within a very small footprint.

A member of the Image Media Group, Outside Broadcast NV is based near Brussels. The Leader instruments were purchased via Diginet, Belgian partner of elQuip BV, broadcast master distributor for Leader Electronics in Europe.