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Beat the Traffic Mobile App Reaches 2 Million Downloads

SANTA CLARA, CALIF.: Beat the Traffic announced its mobile app has reached 2 million downloads across all multiple platforms. Available free on iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices, Beat the Traffic gives drivers instant access to real-time traffic conditions—including accidents, congestion and road repair delays.

Beat the Traffic says its app consistently places among the top 10 traffic apps in the iPhone App Store and Google Play (Android Market) and steadily averages reviews of four stars or better. More than half a million people across North America regularly use Beat the Traffic to retrieve travel times, view details of traffic incidents with live camera views, create personalized traffic reports and receive up-to-the-minute traffic updates on their mobile devices while on the road.

In a few days, Beat the Traffic said it will release Beat the Traffic 2.0 for iOS, featuring a cleaner and more modern interface and new features, including MyRoutes, which allows users to enter and save their favorite routes and receive automated alerts of any traffic delays on their mobile devices. Over time, travelers can use MyRoutes to determine the most trouble-free routes and the best times to travel. MyRoutes will come with one free route on the free version of Beat the Traffic and Beat the Traffic Plus. Users who want to create more routes will be able to upgrade to Beat the Traffic Pro directly within the app and create as many routes and alerts as they need.