BBC Trust's Lyons to open IBC2010 plenary session

The opening plenary session of the IBC2010 conference will feature an address by Michael Lyons, chairman of the BBC Trust, on the future of public service broadcasting.

The session also will include keynote addresses by Yoshinori Imai, VP of Japanese national broadcaster NHK, and by Ingrid Deltenre, director general of the European Broadcasting Union. All three will be questioned by media journalist and commentator Raymond Snoddy.

This year’s IBC conference has the title “Challenging Mindsets in a Modern Media Landscape” and will tackle the commercial, creative and technical issues facing the industry. One pressing matter is the place of public service broadcasting in an increasingly online, on-demand world.

Another issue to be explored at the gathering is how traditional distributors of content can pay for that content in a world that increasingly seems obsessed with user-generated content and social media.

Sports coverage and distribution and the changing technology employed for both will also be thoroughly examined during a day devoted to the topic. (See “It’s more than just a game at IBC2010; it’s TV.”)