BBC Outside Broadcasts debuts 'crowd-cam'

Users wearing the 'crowd-cam' can walk amongst the crowd to capture unique crowd shots.

BBC Outside Broadcasts' new crowd camera technology was used for the first time at the RBS Six Nations on February 15.

BBC Sport used the new crowd camera to enhance the interactive side of sports coverage.

The 'crowd-cam,' a small cable-free device, captured the atmosphere from a fan's perspective by providing unique pictures from within the crowd.

The 'crowd-cam' operator was able to mingle in the crowd and provide broadcast-quality coverage of the Six Nations Rugby action in Europe from any point in the stadium.

The camera was designed to deliver sports output that recreates the mood and viewpoint of the live experience for the home viewer. It also offered more flexibility for pitch-side and tunnel interviews.

The 'crowd-cam' operator mingles in the crowd at the Six Nations Rugby action in Europe.

Paul McNeil, Special Facilities Manager at BBC Outside Broadcasts, developed the cable-free system, based on a conferencing camera. It can fit into the backpack of a single camera operator. It enables the wearer to go through the turnstiles of the stadium and walk amongst the crowd with a minimum of health and safety problems associated with larger equipment.

The brick camera is fitted with a COFFDM digital mobile link.

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