BBC News to expand IP newsgathering for Summer Olympics, U.S. presidential campaign

BBC News is extending its use of the LiveU LU60 mobile uplink for newsgathering in both the UK and the United States.

The broadcaster will use the technology to enhance coverage of both the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics, and the U.S. presidential election campaign. Footage will be supplied to BBC News, BBC World and BBC World America.

BBC News has been using LiveU technology for about three years. The BBC has deployed LiveU's cellular uplinking technology for coverage of worldwide events, including the queen's visit to Ireland in 2011, the recent anniversary of the tsunami in Japan as well as the 2010 U.S. Congressional elections.

In the UK, LiveU's technology is regularly used for BBC newsgathering. The BBC deploys the technology for live, as-live and also store-and-forward use. The LU60 can be used in diverse situations as well as extreme weather conditions -a prime example being the recent storms in the UK.

The technology is being supplied to BBC News by LiveU UK distributor Garland Partners.

The LiveU LU60 backpack newsgathering system bonds 3G/4G LTE with proprietary RF technology to deliver resilient contribution of up to 1080 HD video with subsecond latency for a satellite-like experience.