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BBC Adopts Pilat Media for Scheduling

Pilat Media recently announced that the BBC’s World Service is now using a scheduling system based on Pilat’s Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS). Pilat said that this implementation was in connection with the organization’s English language broadcasts and that it was the first step in constructing a system to handle all of the World Service transmissions.

The migration to the Pilat system is part of an on-going effort by the BBC to revise and update the infrastructure, hardware and the overall management of its signal distribution efforts.

“The scale and scope of this project make it an exceptional challenge, and very exciting to be involved with,” said Avi Engel, Pilat Media’s CEO. “This is the first major scheduling system implementation for an organization that has been a touchstone of global broadcasting since 1922. The multilingual nature of the output, together with the use of a wide range of distribution technologies--FM, AM, shortwave, Internet and DTH satellite--place a premium on Pilat Media's tools and the ability they provide to manage complex workloads effectively.”

The BBC’s distribution overhaul project was initiated in 2006 and also involves the replacement of more than 1,200 satellite receivers used in its programming distribution channels.