Barry Russo Video adds Fujinon Cine-Style zoom

Based on his experience with a Fujinon HAc13x4.5B Cine-Style compact wide-angle zoom lens he bought in 2005, Barry Russo recently purchased a second Fujinon Cine-Style zoom lens, the HAc15x7.3B.

As owner of Barry Russo Video Productions, a full-service HD camera and production service provider to the New York metropolitan area, Russo includes the Fujinon lenses with his Panasonic VariCam HD camera package for commercial TV producers.

While many clients are moving from film to HD production because of the significant savings on film stock and processing costs, they still want to shoot film-style, Russo said.

To meet the needs of his clients, Russo configures his VariCam with the Fujinon Cine-Style lenses, which are outfitted with a 4x5 matte box, double follow-focus and micro-force zoom control.

Russo chose his two Fujinon Cine-Style lenses largely because of the cinematic look they produce, such as a shallow depth of field.

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