Bannister Lake Integrates Its Tech into RFD-TV’s Workflow

RFD-TV anchor using Bannister Lake’s financial application. (Image credit: Bannister Lake)

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario—Bannister Lake recently completed a project for the Nashville-based RFD-TV, which included the transition to a new data provider, integration of real-time data into updated graphics engines, create and power graph tickers and the design and building of a custom application that allows on-air talent to select, edit and control graphic playout.

“Bannister Lake provided RFD-TV with an innovative way to take real-time data from our data provider and give our editorial teams the control they needed to customize that content,” said David Mitchell, chief technology officer at RFD-TV’s parent company, RMG. Mitchell says that the update also increased the station’s production process by enabling the graphics workflow to run through the anchor desk.

The financial application from Bannister Lake also included a sponsorship management component that allows the station to schedule and execute sponsors’ logos associated with specific graphic boards. The system automatically generates logs to reconcile logo exposure with advertising sales, Bannister Lake says.

In addition to the financial application, Bannister Lake’s Chameleon platform is now being utilized by RFD-TV, specifically to help visualize results, standings and event schedules.

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