Bank deploys digital signage network in 40 branches

The National Commercial Bank (NCB) in Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with United Yousef Naghi, has successfully deployed digital signage to 40 of its branches.

The National Commercial Bank was one of the first banks established in Saudi Arabia and today has 300 branches throughout the country and additional branches in Bahrain, Lebanon and the UAE.

The NCB had two main objectives: to communicate more effectively to employees and improve the corporate image of the bank.

The implementation of the Scala InfoChannel digital signage system provided a platform for NCB to better communicate with its employees, educating them about the bank’s products and services and enhancing the service they provide to their customers. The digital signage system provides branded messages and informs patrons about the varied products and services the bank has to offer.

NCB’s digital signage network is centrally managed from its corporate headquarters. Twenty plasma screens distributed around the corporate headquarters provide employees relevant corporate messaging and reinforce the sense of community within the corporation. United Yousef Naghi creates content under the direction of the bank’s management using text, graphics, still images and animations.

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