Bakersfield, Calif. Affiliates Automate News Production With ParkerVision

All of the major local network affiliates in Bakersfield, Calif. now employ ParkerVision Inc.'s PVTV News automated systems for live news production.

The stations are KGET-TV (NBC), KBAK-TV (CBS) and KERO-TV (ABC). Officials at each station said that the PVTV system allows them to speed up production of live, local news, helping the stations produce cleaner and more consistent shows, which results in improved graphics and cost savings.

PVTV NEWS is a Windows NT-based live professional broadcast video production system that integrates video, audio, machine, camera and teleprompter control functions into a one- or two-operator station. ParkerVision also makes the Transition Macro technology, which enables preprogramming and previewing all segments of a live show. The affiliates also use Digital CameraMan 3-CCD robotic pan/tilt cameras and a SHOT Director multicamera controller with PVTV NEWS for more consistent camerawork.