AVS Locks in Deal for LinkXP

Aerial Video Systems has purchased an undisclosed amount of LinkXP wireless camera systems from Link Research, a Vislink Group company. The $4 million order will make AVS the largest provider of LinkXP systems in the world.

Burbank, Calif.-based AVS took delivery of its first LinkXP systems two years ago and was the first customer in the United States to order the Link HD wireless camera systems. AVS has covered numerous live events with the AVS/Link HD camera system including the Super Bowl, NBA playoffs and finals, and the Academy Awards.

"This is a major achievement for Link in delivering these systems to AVS," said Dave Remnant, sales manager for Link. "AVS has played a key role in developing the use of wireless cameras in the U.S. broadcast industry and Link in now firmly established as the product of choice for high-end productions pushing these new levels of presentation."

AVS placed the order with Microwave Radio Communications, the distributor and service provider for Link wireless camera systems and accessories in the U.S., Canada and South America. The transaction is part of the Nextel 2 GHz relocation program.