AVS HD RF Has Monday Night Football Covered From the Air to the Turf

Aerial Video Systems (AVS) has three LinkHD camera systems covering the excitement of ESPN’s Monday Night Football this season and bringing the viewing public shots never seen before on their TV screens. Two of the HD wireless systems are ground-based with the third beaming rock-steady images from high above the stadiums from AVS’ twin-engine airplane.

In the case of the first ground-based system, AVS has married its LinkHD microwave system to a Thomson LDK-6000 camera with a Canon HJ11ex4.7B wide-angle lens and then mounted to a steadicam. This camera actually goes on the field of play following a touchdown to capture end zone celebrations up close and personal like never before. Among its other assignments, the camera roams the sidelines taking in the emotions of the players as they come on and off the field and fan reactions in the stands. Prior to the game the system is outside the stadium taking in the fun of tailgating parties and fans entering the complex. Coverage of halftime entertainment is enhanced by this system’s ability to get the unique perspective not possible for a cabled camera.

The second camera is a handheld unit and goes where no cabled camera could ever go. Again the LDK-6000 is united with an AVS/LinkHD microwave system and is virtually everywhere inside and outside the stadium. The handheld RF camera provides the wide pan shots from the top tiers of a stadium that open most games. It has been directed to go to the top of scoreboards and even up into the catwalks to present an uncommon perspective on the game—all this with flawless, crisp high-definition images.

High above the stadiums flies AVS’ Partenavia P-68 twin-engine aircraft with the camera system deployed through its bomb bay doors, allowing for 360-degree rotation. The vivid HD aerials are captured by a Cineflex gyro-stabilized camera unit provided by Helinet and beamed down via the AVS/LinkHD microwave system. Helinet meets AVS’ most exacting requirements with its Cineflex HD camera system. “We have been told that the aerials we are providing Monday Night Football are the best ever seen and I couldn’t be more pleased than to be teamed with Helinet for this assignment,” stated Randy Hermes, president of AVS.

Monday Night Football concludes its 37th season on December 25, making it the second longest running prime time show in American history right behind 60 Minutes. The Christmas Day game will feature the NY Jets at the Miami Dolphins.