Avid Lowers Prices on Unity Line

Avid Technology is slashing the prices on its line of shared-storage systems.

Avid Unity MediaNetwork systems, LANshare Ex Ethernet and Fibre Channel system configurations will cost about 40 percent less than previous pricing structures.

Avid Unity MediaNetwork and Avid Unity for News systems will start at manufacturer's suggested retail price of $40,000 for 2 Gb Fibre Channel connectivity and $67,000 for 4 Gb Fibre Channel connectivity

Avid Unity LANshare EX and LANshare EX for News systems with support for four clients will start at $24,995 for with Fibre Channel connectivity, and $24,995 for Ethernet connectivity.

Avid Unity storage arrays, which are components of Avid Unity MediaNetwork systems, will run from $8,595 for the 2 Gb Fibre-drive system to $29,995 for the 4 Gb system.