Avid Everywhere Helps Jewelry TV Broadcast Live 24/7

BURLINGTON, MASS.—Diamonds may be forever, but making sure they are available 24/7 was a challenge that Jewelry Television was looking to solve. To do so, the retail network went with Avid’s Avid Everywhere, built on the Avid MediaCentral platform, to improve production efficiency by streamlining operations and allowing for quick access to media assets.

The JTV facility, located in Knoxville, Tenn., consists of the three HD studios, a call center and a distribution center, as well as an office in Bangkok. The network sought to enhance existing media storage capabilities to allow teams to collaborate and share content across these locations. To do so, JTV integrated Avid’s Interplay │ Production asset management system to access and view media. In addition, the ISIS shared storage system allows JTV to store and access its content. Avid Media │ Index media search management allows production teams to find footage through keywords.

On the production side, Media Composer │ Cloud allows for media upload from the field, which is then accessible from anywhere via the Avid MediaCentral │ UX, a cloud-based web browser. Lastly, Media │ Distribute allows editors to publish videos to YouTube.

Avid is an audio and video technology provider based out of Burlington, Mass.