Autoscript Awards Leading Indian Distributor

Autoscript has named leading Indian systems integrator Cinecita Comptronics Industries Pvt Ltd. as its Distributor of the Year for 2007. The inaugural award celebrates a year of exceptional sales and customer service for the Mumbai headquartered SI, which also has offices in Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.

Cinecita Comptronics serves the entire Indian market, and was established in 1936. Cinecita has been instrumental in introducing emerging technologies and state-of-the-art products in the field of professional broadcast, video, pro-audio, digital broadcast, graphics, animation and sound recording, says Autoscript.

It offers a wide range of teleprompting systems including Autoscript’s Hi-Brightness TFT screens, WinPlus News XBOX USB system, and the voice-activated prompting system VoicePlus.

Among Cinecita’s many wins last year was a prestigious contract to supply eight portable prompting systems to Doordarshan, which now has more than 100 Autoscript systems throughout is national centres. Other Cinecita customers include Zee TV Network, New Delhi Television, TV Today Network, Raj TV, Star News, TV9, U-TV News, Asianet, CNBC and the Parliament of India.

Shreeprakash Agarwal, Managing Director of Cinecita Comptronics Industries, said, “We are extremely pleased to be recognised by Autoscript for our recent success. We strive for excellence in everything we do from our relationship with key customers like Doodarshan to strong after sales support. We are fortunate to be working with Autoscript because they provide innovative and reliable technology that works straight out of the box and our customers keep coming back for more.”

“Cinecita is one of the oldest and leading system integrators in India and there’s no doubt that their experience and knowledge of the market is trusted by the region’s major broadcasters and producers,” commended Brian Larter, Managing Director, Autoscript UK. “This award, the first Autoscript has ever given, is in recognition of the outstanding sales and service Cinecita provides. By fully understanding what each customer requires and basing their recommendations on a clear understanding of the practical applications of prompting technology they have gained a first class reputation. We are confident Cinecita will continue to adapt and grow in what is a very fast-changing market.”