Attendance, optimism high at NAB Show

This year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas was a far cry from those of the past two years, with attendance on the upswing and a much more positive outlook from exhibitors and attendees alike. Attendance figures for the show totaled 92,708, an increase of more than 5 percent over 2010. That figure includes an impressive 25,691 international visitors representing 151 countries.

Comments from exhibitors reflected the change in attitude among booth visitors.

“It’s been a fantastic show for us,” said Katy Templeman-Holmes, head of broadcast product management at Studer. “People are here to do business. It’s a very different feel than the past couple years.”

Other console makers shared similar stories.

“It’s a very noticeable change from last year. There are definitely more people with firm budgets, looking for product,” said Rusty Waite of Stagetec USA.

Dan Duffel, head of marketing for Solid State Logic, mirrored the sentiment.

“It’s been a great show for us,” he said. “Lots of traffic, lots of interest in the new software upgrades to the C10 and C100 consoles.”

“The whining about the economy is gone; it’s just not there,” said Richard Kelley, director of sales and marketing for DK-Technologies. “The people who are here seem to be the decision makers and influencers — the people we want to see. Of course, we like to think it’s partly due to our new products, the DK1 and DK2 loudness meters. But, there’s no doubt it’s been a very positive show.”

A first-time exhibitor, acoustical treatment specialist Auralex Acoustics offered an unvarnished perspective.

“We’re excited to be here and will definitely be back, and probably in a bigger booth,” said general manager Jeff Lantz. “We’ve generated enough traffic to justify the investment.”

Unsurprisingly, NAB executive Vice President Dennis Wharton reflected the enthusiasm of exhibitors and attendees in his statement.

“Content professionals from across the globe flock to the NAB Show every year, and this year was no exception,” he said. “We're thrilled to host the largest media and entertainment convention annually, and delighted that the NAB Show remains the premier event for the industry."