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ATSC to provide in-depth series of PSIP, closed captioning classes

Station engineers, operators and others interested in learning more about the Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) and closed captioning should set aside time to attend the PSIP and closed captioning university being put on by Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC).

The program, Oct. 22-23, is particularly relevant because the FCC is considering the adoption of PSIP as a requirement for DTV transmission.

Among the topics to be covered are:

  • PSIP fundamentals, including the basics of PSIP and MPEG-2 systems background, PSIP for terrestrial broadcast and cable and what cable will do with PSIP;
  • PSIP for broadcasters, which examines PSIP distribution and creation, considerations in PSIP implementation, ramifications of incorrect PSIP implementation and FCC actions;
  • PSIP tables 101, covering how to read and make sense of PSIP table structure and understanding C-like language;
  • PSIP and station data flow, which looks at the information needed to do PSIP right and where it can be found;
  • Hands-on PSIP workshop, examining solutions for specific vendors;
  • The need for coordinated PSIP data exchange, looking at three points in the broadcast chain: program management, traffic and automation;
  • PSIP and receivers, covering testing, common problems and practices;
  • PSIP metadata communications, summarizing the output document of T3/S1, PMCP standard and end-to-end considerations;
  • Dynamic PSIP;
  • Practical implementation of PSIP metadata communications;
  • Carrying private information, looking at APID and outlining SMPTE work in progress, private information in PMCP, 259/292, MFX;
  • Audio watermarking;
  • Closed captioning progress report, including what broadcasters are doing right and wrong;
  • SMPTE guidelines on closed captioning;
  • Hands-on closed captioning workshop.

Those conducting classes come from the industry, manufacturers of broadcast equipment and industry groups and associations. The seminar will be held at the Embassy Suites in Alexandria, Va. It costs $600, including materials. A $50 discount is available for ATSC members.

For more information contact the ATSC at 703-684-5900 x 6666 and request an ATSC block by Sept. 21.

For more information on PSIP, please visit:

For more information on the PSIP classes, please visit:

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