ATOMOS Adds HDMI, SDI RAW Recording From Sony FX6 to NINJA V, NINJA V+

(Image credit: ATOMOS)

MELBOURNE, Australia—ATOMOS today introduced a new feature expanding the recording options for Sony’s FX6 full-frame Cinema Line camera.

Sony’s latest FX6 firmware release (Version 2.00) makes it possible to record Apple ProRes RAW over HDMI to the NINJA V and NINJA V+, enabling a single camera package to leverage both SDI and HDMI RAW recording options, the company said. 

The addition of RAW out via HDMI on Sony’s FX6 marks a turning point in camera functionality. To this point, the convention has been for compact cameras to output RAW via SDI only. ATOMOS has developed and introduced the ability to record ProRes RAW via HDMI, the company said.

This creates the opportunity for filmmakers to mix and match ProRes RAW recording between different camera setups across Sony’s Cinema Line. The NINJA V and NINJA V+ provide the entry point for Sony’s FX3 and FX6 to use HDMI with resolutions up to 4.2K and up to 60fps, it said.

Until the update, Sony’s FX6 has only been able to record ProRes RAW when combined with the NINJA V/V+ over SDI. This has required customers to invest in the AtomX SDI expansion module for the NINJA V/V+, it said.

The new feature provides a path for filmmakers to make the most of Sony’s Cinema Line Cameras. In practice, anyone recording ProRes RAW over HDMI with the NINJA V/V+ using Sony’s FX3 will find the experience of recording ProRes RAW with the NINJA V/V+ over HDMI on Sony’s FX6 identical. Then introducing SDI connections represents a much smaller step up that in the past, it said.

The HDMI RAW update requires Sony’s FX6 camera to be updated to firmware version v2.00 and AtomOS firmware v10.72 or above.

ProRes RAW over HDMI with the NINJA V/V+ when combined with Sony’s FX3 and FX6 supports 4.2K up to 60fps. The NINJA V+ Pro Kit/ NINJA V+ and SDI module with SDI RAW Activation further extends support for 4K up to 120fps. Those wishing SDI connectivity will need to add the SDI module to the NINJA V/V+, it said.

For RAW support, including HDMI cross conversion, activation of the supplemental RAW license can be completed online using the (opens in new tab) portal.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

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