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Atlanta Church Upgrades to HD With Canon Lenses

Atlanta’s North Point Community Church is now using Canon HD lenses in connection with the recent upgrade of its video production facilities.

The church selected a total of 11 Canon HD lenses, including nine ENG/EFP portable types and two DigiSuper 22xz Compact Studio lenses, for use with its Panasonic HD cameras and camcorders.

“The demands we have in our production work are no different than those of a commercial-scale secular sporting event or concert,” said Brendon Petty, technical director and lead video systems design engineer for all three of the church’s campuses. “Canon understood this fact and refused to place assumptions or limits on how we utilize our gear.”

North Point has a separate high-definition multi-camera installation at each campus. The HD video is displayed on wide-format displays to enhance worship experience. One of the campuses—the North Point East Auditorium—provides HD content for distribution to the other campuses.