Ascent Creates Encoding System For Satellite, Broadband

Ascent Media Systems and Technology Services, a unit of Ascent Media Network Services, is introducing an encoding and service system for satellite and broadband content providers.

Ascent will now offer engineering and support options related to the implementation of digital encoding equipment and services as well as outsourced systems for network management and disaster recovery. The deployment of Integrated Receiver Decoders and support services, including pre-tuning, pre-authorization, IRD burn-in and test, will be matched up with an advanced customer service center to provide cable programmer affiliates assistance in authorizing IRDs. The company will also manage the logistics and shipments of IRDs or other equipment to headends.

Three former employees of Motorola's Broadband Communications Sector have been appointed to oversee the launch of the new service. Eddie Ferraro has joined as senior director of sales. The senior director of technology is Glen Jordan, who will be responsible for developing new systems. Peter Kupic is senior director of business development.