Archimedia unveils software reference player for viewing, testing files on HDTV

Archimedia Technology has introduced Archimedia Reference Player, a software reference player for viewing, testing and measuring master files on a standard HDMI HDTV.

Designed for video engineers, manufacturers and archivists who work with video mastering formats such as JPEG 2000, Archimedia Reference Player supports multiple vendors' formats.

Archimedia Reference Player ultimately makes content deliverable more quickly at higher quality, as well as making it unnecessary to create and store the content in other formats.

Supporting mastering formats in the most popular wrappers from all major manufacturers, Archimedia Reference Player eliminates the need to work with lower-quality mezzanine and proxy copies of masters.

Instead, users are able to see their masters and the internal technical metadata of the files and stream them to their choice of third-party equipment, such as encoders, projectors, multiviewers, nonlinear editors and broadcast playout servers.