Archimedia Adds 4K 60p Support to Atlas

DELRAY BEACH, FLA.—Archimedia Technology announced the release of Atlas 3.1.1, the newest version of its media player. The vendor said Atlas now makes it possible to watch 60p 4K content “encoded in practically any format from all kinds of sources and manufacturers on all kinds of displays.”

Atlas incorporates a professional-grade scaler that presents any frame size or media format to full screen on any HDMI, DisplayPort, SDI, or Quad Link display with frame-accurate precision up to 4K 60p. The formats supported includes the latest IMF, HEVC, and AS-11 DPP formats; more than 100 caption/subtitle formats required by law around the world; DPX, TIFF, and EXR frame sequences; encrypted DCP; and Dolby audio codecs.

This combination of features means 4K 60p content can be displayed on devices from laptops to UHDTVs, with external sound files for those concerned with DPX, TIFF, and EXR formats; embedded and external captions and subtitles; and the gamut of video, audio, and file formats for broadcasters, OTT providers, and webmasters.

Atlas also is said to be capable of professionally scaling HD, 2K digital cinema, UHD, and 4K to larger sizes for exhibitions, or for fitting unusual frame sizes into SDI-legal sizes to suit equipment limitations. This feature is also useful for checking what 4K 60p will look like on a variety of screen sizes.

Atlas with 4K 60p support is a free upgrade for Atlas 4K and Atlas 4KSE owners, who can download the upgrade from their Archimedia users’ support portal. For new customers, there is no price increase for 4K 60p, so outstanding quotes remain valid. Standard broadcast-grade test patterns are included with every Atlas media player, and Archimedia can deliver custom 4K test patterns upon request.