APT offers guide to IP audio networking

The free booklet entitled ‘A Practical Guide to IP Audio Networking' is available to broadcasters at no cost.

With so many broadcasters now considering IP as a viable and cost effective means of transporting audio in the HD age, APT, a Belfast, Ireland-based firm specializing in compression technologies, has published an educational booklet entitled "A Practical Guide To IP Audio Networking." The 16-page document draws on APT's extensive experience in the field of audio over IP (AoIP) networks, providing useful information on switching from synchronous to IP networking, and the implications for real-time audio transfer. Topics include network and transmission protocol selection, bandwidth requirements, packet size, jitter and latency, unicast vs. multicast applications and equipment considerations.

APT made the "Guide to IP Audio Networking" available at NAB 2007, and will have copies available as an insert in BE Radio's NAB issue. Interested broadcasters can download the booklet via hyperlink on the firm's Web site.

For more information, visit www.aptx.com.