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Apple, Miglia Introduce USB 2.0 HD Recorder for Macs

Miglia Technology is touting a new product called a TVMini HD, a desktop device that allows Mac users to watch, pause, record and rewind HD video on any Mac computer. According to Apple (opens in new tab) and published reports, the TVMini HD is powered by Elgato's EyeTV software and supports terrestrial broadcast or basic cable DTV on a Mac (although it is not compatible with premium digital cable or DBS).

Apple said the DVR-like device supports resolutions up to 1080i (with a dual G5 processor) and USB 2.0 connectivity, and includes a portable antenna to watch terrestrial HD, using an ATSC/Clear QAM decoder. The Mac unit includes an infrared remote control to switch channels and perform other familiar functions. The EyeTV software allows users to edit TV shows (and remove commercials) and, of course, enables the export of content to Apple iPods and Sony PlayStations.