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Anton/Bauer gives shooters good balance with new Stasis Flex

Anton/Bauer, a provider of professional camera batteries, chargers, lighting and other mobile power systems, introduced Stasis Flex at IBC2008.

The new Stasis support system redistributes the weight of a handheld camera onto the operator’s torso and over the shoulder, enabling camera operators to shoot in virtually any position. It also takes the weight off the operator’s hand, relieving fatigue and stabilizing shooting.

Stasis Flex features an adjustable mechanism that provides the operator with complete flexibility — forward/back, in/out and up/down positions. The camera can be repositioned instantly and locked in place at the touch of a lever.

The new Stasis Flex can be used as a stand-alone unit, with Anton/Bauer’s ElipZ battery system, or with the full array of Anton/Bauer Gold Mount batteries. This helps extend camcorder runtime and can be used to power additional devices, such as an on-camera light, while providing a counterbalance to further stabilize the camera. The Stasis Flex accommodates a number of peripherals, including wireless receivers, hard drives and transmitters.

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