Andrew introduces a new line of Miniature Click-On hangers

Stackable hangers allow six runs of cable in confined spaces on tower roofs or walls.

Andrew's Miniature Click-On Hangers - shown stacked three deep to accommodate up to six cable runs.

New hangers from Andrew are designed to facilitate easier and less expensive installation of small HELIAX coaxial cables and braided cable runs. Each Miniature Click-On Hanger can accommodate two runs of cable.

The hangers are stackable (up to three deep) making it easy to install up to six runs of cable even in confined spaces. Miniature Click-On hangers are suitable for cable installations on tower roofs and walls or within buildings.

Cable hangers are typically used for PCS/PCN cellular microwave rural telephony GSM broadband and other telecommunications system installations. Cables are held securely in place by the gripping ribs that line the hanger’s interior and eliminates the need for cable ties.

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