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Analyst ups LCD Shipment Growth, Thanks to 3D, LED

In major TV markets like Japan and China, growth of LCD panels (mostly large, mostly HD) in 2009 was better than the previous year despite the recession, according to market analyst Austin-Texas-based DisplaySearch. And now thanks to the emergence of 3D and LED, 2010 will be even better than DisplaySearch had originally forecast.

DisplaySearch said this week it has increased its worldwide market forecast for 2010 by more than 10 million units to 228 million flat-panel TV sets.

"The rapid transition to flat panel technologies in emerging markets and the robust level of growth even in mature markets has led us to improve our outlook for 2010," said DisplaySearch. This especially holds true for LCD TVs, the consultancy said, which it now projects will exceed 180 million units in this calendar year. That would mark a 24-percent jump over 2009.

The upwardly revised projections are partly the result of the emergence of new technologies like 3D, DisplaySearch said, "As well as the expansion of newer features like LED backlights and Internet connectivity."

After a decline of about 2 percent last year, DisplaySearch said it expects shipments of plasma HD sets to rise, too – about 6 percent this year (about 15 million units).