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Amsterdam playout provider DMC expands with Pilat Media

Amsterdam-based Digital Media Centre (DMC) has expanded its deployment of Pilat Media’s Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS) by migrating to the .NET-based IBMS Version 6.

Owned by Chellomedia, the DMC provides channel playout services, TV distribution and content delivery. It now operates about 40 channels under the IBMS framework and will be leveraging several Version 6 features to accelerate the launch of new channels, offer its media customers just-in-time workflows and ensure accurate, quality output in a tightly integrated environment incorporating multiple customers, channels and languages.

IBMS supports the DMC's data and broadcast center, which provides a full range of highly integrated broadcast services for channel production, origination and distribution. With multichannel playout, post production, connectivity, on-demand services and channel management, the company offers end-to-end facilities from concept to delivery, supporting almost any multilanguage, multiterritory TV broadcast requirement for European and global clients.