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American Music Awards Reach Interactive Rockers

Disney Internet Group's Enhanced TV division (ETV) and Wink Communications are teaming up to produce iTV programming for the 30th Annual American Music Awards, Jan. 13, on ABC.

The broadcast will be available to fans with an Internet-connected computer at during the AMA broadcast. ETV will use OpenTV's enhanced TV service, Wink, to provide a single-screen interactive application. Enhancements include real-time factoids, information and polls for sponsor Coca-Cola's New Music Award.

ETV's PC-based iTV application includes the Predict the Winner game, which allows users to predict the outcome of each award as the nominees are announced and earn points for correct choices. The Push Channel displays graphics, behind-the-scenes information and trivia in sync with the on-air action as well as Instant Polling and Live Comments.

"In this competitive TV market, broadcasters can use Wink's technology to introduce interactivity into their programming, transforming the viewing experience from a passive medium to an active one where the viewer can instantly access the information that interests them whenever they choose," says James Ackerman.