AmberFin encourages broadcasters to use new revenue generation opportunities

Digital media company AmberFin predicts that the film and broadcast industry could be losing out on valuable new revenue streams through failing to make the best use of existing archived content.

The boom in consumer demand for high-quality content on multiple platforms means that content owners now need to be prepared to repurpose content for devices ranging from mobile and VOD to televisions and small-screen devices. By not doing so, they are missing out on new opportunities for increasing revenues.

The key factor in delivering archived content successfully on new platforms is being able to provide the optimum picture quality both at high speeds and cost-effectively. Broadcasters must be able to repurpose their content quickly to meet consumer demand, but at the same time the process must be cost-efficient to generate the right returns.

AmberFin's iCR end-to-end software platform incorporates parent company Snell & Wilcox's technology. The platform digitizes new and archived content, from capture through to distribution, and delivers the best quality pictures at smaller file sizes.

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