Amazon Fire TV Adds Local News Stations

Amazon Fire TV local news
(Image credit: Amazon)

SEATTLE—Amazon has brought local news stations to its Amazon Fire TV users, announcing that local stations from 12 cities are now available on the Amazon news app, with more expected to be added in 2021.

Live and on-demand local news content from New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Tampa, Boston, San Francisco and Seattle are now available via the Amazon news app. Amazon expects to add about 90 cities in 2021, with the service continuing to expand over time.

These stations will join national news programs already available on the Amazon app.

“There have been so many important events and stories in 2020 that have driven the news industry like never before; and we believe it’s more important than ever to provide free access to both local and national news for all of our customers,” said Sandeep Gupta, vice president of Amazon Fire TV.

News, particularly local news, has seen an increase in viewing during the pandemic.

The Amazon news app is built into and free on Amazon Fire TV. For information, visit Amazon Fire TV’s blog