Al-Watan TV turns to Link RF system for parliamentary election coverage

Privately owned Kuwait-based broadcaster Al-Watan TV provided live remote coverage of the nation’s parliamentary elections May 17 with a Link Research digital wireless camera system.

Al-Watan TV needed a wireless camera system that provided a dependable link and could be upgraded from SD to HD via software, said Ihab El Baba, technical director for the broadcaster.

Among the modulation schemes available to Al-Watan TV was Link Research’s LMS-T modulation. Based on LMS-T 16QAM with 2/3 code rate, 1/16 guard and 10MHz channel, it is possible to deliver 19Mb/s of throughput, which allows contribution-quality HD and SD. With a 20MHz channel, it is possible to deliver 39Mb/s for higher quality HD or multiple SD or HD services in a single channel.

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