Alpermann+Velte introduces Rubidium Series 3 time code

Alpermann+Velte's Rubidium Series 3 time codes

Alpermann+Velte, the European manufacturer of time code products, has released Rubidium Series 3, a single 3RU frame that supports up to 19 different video or time code channels.

Rubidium Series 3 reads, inserts, converts and generates DVITC, LTC, VITC, IRIG B, VPS, ATC, UMID and other SMPTE approved metadata. Synchronizations to video, other time codes or to a stable GPS time are standard functions of all time code modules. Set-up and configuration are through an RS-232 serial port or via an Ethernet connection and any Internet browser. The system is both PC- and Macintosh-compatible.

All modules are in a single rack, and have a two-way communication via the TC_link front bus system. This link can also be connected between various Rubidium frames, to enable communication among an unlimited number of channels. This enables users to build large, multichannel projects.

Visit Alpermann+Velte to learn more about its time code products.

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