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Alfacam turns to Presteigne Broadcast, EVS HD LSM-XT for Euro 2004 soccer championship

Presteigne Broadcast Hire recently worked with Alfacam to provide HD coverage of the recently concluded Euro 2004 soccer championships in Portugal. Part of the setup included the EVS HD LSM-XT.

Presteigne, a long-time EVS XT-server provider, set out on its course toward HD in January 2003 when the first HD cameras were added to the company’s rental inventory. Adding HD XT-server channels to the catalog of HD equipment was the next step.

Presteigne's investment in HD equipment is not finished. The company plans to buy at least three additional HD LSM-XT servers (73GB drives) in addition to the 12 they already have. Many of these, including the new HD machine, will be used in Athens for the Olympics.

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