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Alcatel and Universal Mobile push video for 3G phones

Alcatel, the global phone company, and Universal Mobile, a mobile entertainment services subsidiary of Universal Music International, have announced a partnership to jointly develop, promote and market mobile video and multimedia services.

The companies will join to create personalized video mobile services using Alcatel’s application platforms and Universal Mobile’s content, service management and service design expertise. The purpose of the partnership is to combine both companies’ skills to jointly define new services and create new experiences for the end-user, and bring them to the market through a joint marketing and commercial approach.

Leveraging on its worldwide network of 3G Reality Centers, a 3G live end-to-end environment, Alcatel will build with Universal Mobile a technical solution for Video Mail Box (VMB), Video Delivery Portal (VDP) and Video Ring Back Tone (VRBT) services specifically designed for 3G and broadband fixed networks. Emphasis will be on video and music content.

3G (for “third-generation mobile services”), slow to take off initially, are now available in Japan, Korea and several European countries. Video services, in particular, have needed the capacity offered by the 3G technology, which operates 50 times faster than present-day cell phone networks.

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