AJA Video Systems introduce new interfaces

AJA Video Systems has introduced two new products in the Io family of interfaces: Io LD and Io LA. Both Io LD and Io LA support 10-bit uncompressed video available on both the digital and analog inputs and outputs. Both are application specific: Io LD is designed to work with SDI signals, and Io LA is for analog components or signals.

Both Io LD and Io LA work with Final Cut Pro 4 and connect to the Apple Power Mac with a single 400mb FireWire cable. Similar to Io, Io LD and Io LA have multichannel 24-bit audio, RS-422 machine control, and Genlock. Io LD and Io LA can be used in either a desktop configuration or can be mounted in an optional 1 RU mounting bracket.

Both products will begin shipping in January 2004.

For more information visit www.aja.com.

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