AJA HELO Boosts Live Streaming on Cornell Campus

(Image credit: AJA)

GRASS VALLEY, Calif.—To help manage its live streaming quality and workload, Cornell University Athletics has added AJA’s HELO H.264 streaming and recording devices as new members of the Big Red team.

With Cornell charged with streaming regular matches of 16 sports and ancillary content to multiple channels—including ESPN+, the international Ivy League Network on Stretch Internet and social media channels—HELO is used to support nearly every live sports production at the university.

To do so, two units are located in a central control room on campus and a third is reserved for a flypack. Camera feeds at each venue are connected to a flypack that travels to every game and can receive up to eight feeds. Signals are transmitted via NDI across the network to the control room and are fed through a video production system or laptop running Wirecast (dependent on number of productions), then are switched and distributed to HELO for delivery to national (ESPN+) and international audiences (Stretch Internet).

When the production team is handling multiple streams, the HELOs are reserved for standalone RTMP streaming to ESPN+.

The Cornell production team is also able to use HELO to help with additional tasks, like providing a live feed of games to talent on site, or for providing recordings post-game to coaches for review.

For more information, visit www.aja.com (opens in new tab).