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AES expands into China

The world continues to shrink, and economic relations between the United States and China are constantly evolving. The Chinese audio community, through the efforts of Shushen Wang, a long-time AES member and vice president of a Beijing broadcasting company, recently made overtures to Peter Cook, AES Regions & Sections Chair, hoping to establish a Beijing Section.

Cook made two presentations to the members of the China Audio and Video Association in May of this year. The result was an offer to have the Chinese community represented in AES, with Mr. Wang as Chair of the Section. Cook was impressed by the size of China’s professional audio community and their eagerness to work closely with the AES parent organization.

AES executive director Bob Moses is excited about the inclusion of this group.

“The AES has many individual members in China, “Moses said. “We believe our new Beijing Section will sustain a long and mutually beneficial on-going relationship with China’s professional audio community.

“This move exemplifies our plan to expand the AES mission and support our ongoing effectiveness throughout Asia and The Far East.”