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Aerial Filmworks selects Archangel Ph.C — HD for video restoration

Aerial Filmworks has purchased the Snell Archangel Ph.C — HD real-time video restoration system.

Aerial Filmworks specializes in helicopter-based, extreme environment video capture for entertainment, advertising and corporate clients. Its clients include Disney, the Discovery Channel, the BBC, the History channel and National Geographic.

The company offers a turnkey package that includes experienced full-time camera operators and helicopter-mounted, gyro-stabilized Cineflex HD camera systems. Snell’s Ph.C motion compensation technology, Archangel Ph.C — HD allows Aerial Filmworks to meet the exacting quality demands of customers without any of the characteristics that one associates with extreme shooting environments.

Archangel Ph.C — HD is an advanced SD and HD restoration system with real-time dirt, dust, grain, noise, scratch, instability and flicker removal. It also brings significant improvements to users’ workflows by maximizing the amount of restoration that can be completed in real time.

Aerial Filmworks’ use of the Archangel Ph.C — HD is a prime example of how Snell’s advanced motion compensation technology can be applied to ensure the finest possible output in extreme environments.