Advertisers to reach Beijing airport travelers through new displays

China-based digital media network operator AirMedia Group and information appliance developer DT Research are jointly deploying the WebDT Signage System in Beijing’s Capital International Airport. The airport is currently under expansion to accommodate the influx of people traveling to Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games. Advertisers can purchase advertising time slots from AirMedia to reach thousands of airport passengers daily.

The Beijing Capital International Airport is the ninth busiest airport in the world and served almost 50 million passengers in 2006 alone. This number is expected spike significantly this year with the influx of travelers who will come for the 2008 Olympics. To date, 538 digital frames powered by DT Research’s WebDT Signage System have been installed in the airport. Throughout the coming months, AirMedia will install additional digital frames in other major airports powered by DT Research’s WebDT Signage System.

The WebDT Signage System provides a system comprising industrial-grade signage hardware, content management software and device management software. It can deliver dynamic advertising, information, news and training displayed in up to eight zones on each screen. Content scheduling and playback are controlled remotely by secure wireless media players.

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