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Adobe Device Central CS4 automates rich media, Flash-compatible mobile video testing

Once upon a time you watched TV on a TV set, movies in a theater and read a newspaper on paper. Today, it's all "content" that can end up on any and all pages, screens and devices. For the developers of this content, it means that they have to test their work in all those mediums.

Adobe's new Device Central CS4 automates that process, providing an environment for previewing and testing content across mobile devices.

A tightly integrated component of Adobe's Creative Suite 4 product suite, Device Central simplifies workflows by supplying rich content and Flash-compatible video for mobile phones and other consumer devices. Device Central supplies more than 450 dynamically updated device emulation profiles for testing content designed in Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe After Effects CS4, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and Adobe Dreamweaver CS4.

Device Central’s searchable online library of device profiles from major handset manufacturers lets creative professionals identify appropriate devices and create and organize mobile projects for all media types — including video, images and Web content. The new automated testing environment simulates content performance over a network, records action sequences to an editable script and tests scripts across devices to identify potential problems. Users can take snapshots during tests to create storyboards and display content on different devices.

To share mobile designs, Device Central CS4 captures test sequence video recordings for export to H.264 movie file format. It also lets developers publish mobile content to an FTP server and send it directly to the device via Bluetooth. Integration with Adobe After Effects CS4 allows After Effects compositions to be created for multiple mobile devices simultaneously.

Scheduled to ship this month, Adobe Device Central CS4 is included in all CS4 editions and is also an integral component of individual Adobe content creation products.

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