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Adobe Approves Promise’s VTrak Storage Systems

HSINCHU, TAIWAN & MILPITAS, CALIF.—Promise Technology’s VTrak A-Class series of storage systems has made the grade to qualify to be used with Adobe Anywhere. Adobe’s collaborative workflow platform uses centralized media across standard networks, and now it can be connected to the VTrak A-Class Shared SAN Storage Appliance, which offers a high bandwidth and low latency file system, the VTrakFS.

VTrak A-Class

Combining Adobe Anywhere and the VTrak systems, users can share video files in real-time through Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Prelude around the world. The VTrak A-Class delivers file sharing for video, film and broadcast. The system reduces SAN complexities as well as unifies managed software. It also offers collaborative editing without the requirement of server hardware through the VTrakFS. Multiple clients running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux can access a shared file system over Fiber Channel. The VTrak A-Class can also scale out storage capacity to more than 9 petabytes.

Promise also has the VTrak G1100 NAS Gateway that provides 10Gb Ethernet access to the VTrak A-Class, enabling multiple users to simultaneously edit video. The 1U file server features 8Gb FC front end and 10GbE dual port back end connectivity.

Promise Technology is a developer of software and hardware storage architecture, as well as SAN, NAS and Unified storage platforms.