Adelphia Cable installs Gotuit on-demand systems

Adelphia Communications is deploying a full suite of technology and systems from Gotuit Media to build out a variety of video-on-demand services for its Northeast Region digital cable subscribers.

Adelphia is deploying Gotuit Media’s Gotuit On Demand, and all of Gotuit’s on-demand services, including Gotuit Music On Demand, Gotuit News On Demand and Gotuit Sports On Demand.

Gotuit Music On Demand offers a large library of music videos and related content. Subscribers have instant access to music videos, enabling them to create personalized music video viewing experiences. It also provides advertising, sponsorship and commerce opportunities not otherwise available through traditional VOD.

Gotuit News On Demand allows subscribers complete control over what parts of a news program they want to watch. Every day, Gotuit provides more than one hour of indexed news content from Reuters, Associated Press and other local sources.

Gotuit Sports On Demand offers a complete suite of indexed sports programming. Viewers can choose to watch an entire game, a 20-minute condensed version, the highlights or just their favorite players. Games can be made available on demand within minutes of the final whistle.

Gotuit On Demand, a navigation platform that combines segment metadata with VOD content, powers these products. Viewers can access the parts of a program without having to watch the program in its entirety.

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