Acterna, Interra Ink T&M Deal

Test and measurement provider Acterna has entered into an agreement that would enable the company to offer the Interra H.264 analyzer.

The analyzer is used to studio audio/video elementary streams, working with Acterna's real-time transport stream analysis technology. It also studies a range of audio/video streams and verifies them for compliance using digital media standards--H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10 AVC), MPEG-2 transport, MPEG-4 Video, MP4, 3GPP, AAC audio and AMR.

"Blending well with our own leading broadcast and broadband test solutions, the H.264 analyzer will be an added value for engineers and evaluators responsible for ensuring quality and accuracy," said Rob Shevlot, broadcast sales manager, Acterna, based in Germantown, Md.